Greensboro Fencers Club

Greensboro, North Carolina
(336) 252-8938

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  • Two foilests spar in a tournament. Two foil fencers spar in a tournament hosted by The Greensboro Fencers Club.
  • Two foilests spar in a tournament. Two foil fencers spar in a tournament hosted by The Greensboro Fencers Club.

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The Club

The Greensboro Fencers Club (fomerly The Downtown Fencing Club) was established in 1998 with the goal of guiding the development of both recreational and competitive fencers, and an especial emphasis on the values of sportsmanship, community, and fellowship.

About Us

Our Mission

To share our love of Olympic-style fencing, encourage an appreciation of its rich history, and promote the growth of the sport. We believe that fencing can help our members develop discipline, resourcefulness, and self-confidence in a safe and sociable environment. We strive to make the sport accessible to everyone and, most importantly, get people of all ages moving and having fun through this life-long sport.


Code of Honor

All participants in the Greensboro Fencers Club — coaches, fencers, and spectators — are expected to adhere to a simple but vital honor code:

  1. Welcome and encourage fencers of all ages and skill levels; extend to them the grace and respect you're mutually due.
  2. Safety should always be your paramount concern, both on the strip and off.
  3. Treat yourself, your fellow fencers, the equipment and facilities, and all participants with civility and respect.

Where We Are

Congregational United Church of Christ
400 West Radiance Dr.
Greensboro, NC


From Friendly Avenue
Turn on West Radiance Drive (you can only turn one way on Radiance). You will see the church immediately before you on the right. To get to the church parking lot, which is across from the church on East Radiance, bear left at the fork, turn right into the driveway directly in front of the church to cross over to East Radiance and turn left then right into the parking lot. Or you can continue on West Radiance until it dead ends into Mimosa, then turn right on Mimosa then immediately right on East Radiance.
From Aycock Street Going South
Take the Friendly Ave. exit. At the top of the exit ramp, you will see the church. Turn right on East Radiance Drive and the church parking lot will be immediately on the right.
From Aycock Street Going North
Take the Friendly Ave. exit. At the top of the ramp, turn right. At the traffic light turn right on Friendly Avenue. At the next light, turn right onto Radiance, bear left at the fork.

Our Classes & Programs


Wednesdays, 7 - 8:30 PM


Wednesdays, 7 - 8:30 PM


Fridays, 7 - 8:30 PM

About Fencing

Vintage photo of a man and woman in fencing pose.


  • Fast-paced and exciting
  • Encourages balance, coordination, and quick reflexes
  • Challenges competitors both mentally and physically
  • Encourages quick decision-making skills
  • A sport suitable for all ages and body types
  • A great way to meet interesting people and make friends
  • It's a lot of fun!

The Weapons

Three weapons are used in international competition fencing, each with different target areas and associated styles.

  • The Foil The weapon most familiar to laymen, the foil is a "tip" weapon (the tip must touch the target to score). Target is the torso, excluding the arms, and rules of right-of-way govern when in the course of a bout a fencer can score.
  • The 횋p챕e Another tip weapon, the 챕p챕e is larger and heavier than the foil. Target area is the entire body, from the tips of the fencer's toes to the top of her head. Rules of right-of-way do not apply.
  • The Sabre The sabre is a "slashing" weapon (contact by any part of the blade can score) characterized by very fast-paced bouts. Target consists of the torso, arms, and head. As in foil, rules of right-of-way restrict when a touch is awarded a point.